"We Guarantee Your Comfort"

Customer Assurance Plans

Customer Care and Quality of Service are what define Plumb Line. As a family company we are committed to supplying you with a full range of services for your home. At Plumb Line, we understand that with the change of seasons, your household needs also change. We are the right company to meet all your plumbing, heating and cooling needs, with carefully selected packages, all priced to win your business.

Complete Heat Customer Assurance Plan

  • Complete Heat CAP
  • Annual Furnace Inspection & Cleaning
  • Change Furnace Filters
  • Furnace Start Up
  • Check Furnace Operation

$212.00 Elko / Spring Creek • $233.00 Surrounding

Cooling System Customer Assurance Plan (includes Complete Heat CAP - Choose A/C or Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler)

Heat + Swamp Cooler CAP

  • Annual Swamp Cooler Inspection & Pad Change
  • Oil Swamp Cooler Motor Bearings
  • Check Swamp Cooler Pump
  • Swamp Cooler Start Up
  • Check Swamp Cooler Operation
  • Autumn Swamp Cooler Shut Down(No Cover)

$352.00 Elko / Spring Creek
$392.00 Surrounding

Heat + Air Conditioning CAP

  • Annual A/C Inspection & Coil Cleaning (must be accessible)
  • Check Freon Level & Pressures
  • Annual A/C Start Up

$330.00 Elko / Spring Creek
$370.00 Surrounding

All service packages include general service and maintenance. Extra labor and materials will be at additional expense. Common size filters are included - special sizes or brands are available at additional expense. Prices subject to change.